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Deep Sea Exploration Is the Modern Frontier

Into the Deep Unknown ​​​​​​​from research institute Biographic follows deep-sea biologist Diva Amon as she showcases what the earth looks like at 3,280 feet below sea level.

Dec 7, 2017

Hollywood’s Need for Likeable Adventurers

In its quest to make the audience care about leading man Percy Fawcett, the blockbuster gives us a duller, sanitized version of the real-life explorer

Martin Fritz Huber
Apr 28, 2017

The Secret Worlds and Subcultures of Surfing

Surfing is rife with stereotypes of laid-back, tanned athletes in tropical locales. But go beyond the surface and you’ll find some of the most interesting subcultures in sport, from bike-and-surf gangs to teenage girls who ride in Bangladesh.

Andrew Groves, Max Funk, and Robert Klanten
May 5, 2016