Caving and Canyoneering

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John Wesley Powell's Perilous Journey Down the Colorado

In 1869, John Wesley Powell led nine men and four boats on the first documented descent through the Grand Canyon. As is made clear in this excerpt from 'The Promise of the Grand Canyon,' it was a hell of a challenge.

John F. Ross
May 24, 2018

Canyoneering in Bear's Ears

From filmmaker Dan Ransom, One Trick Pony features Steve Ramras who is as versed a canyoneer as they come. But the kicker is, that’s the only outdoor activity he does.

Jan 12, 2018

Venturing into Buckskin Gulch

Our PlayNow series highlights an epic POV clip so you can get in on the action even when you're stuck behind a desk.

Jan 11, 2018