Chemical Treatment


Is it sufficient to purify drinking water with a small ount of bleach?

I try to keep my backpack light, so for water purification (in Washington’s Cascade Mountains), I carry just a vial of household bleach and use two drops per quart of drinking water. I have never had any problems, but I have a cast iron stomach anyway. What do you think? Doug Tacoma, Washington

Douglas Gantenbein
Oct 18, 2007

Should I pump or chemically purify in the Boundary Waters?

Do I need a pump or chemical purifier for a trip to the Boundary Waters next summer? On past trips I have used Polar Pure, but I know that you sing the praises of pump filters. Will I waste time pumping versus doing some fishing while waiting for chemicals to work? Help me decide, Oh Knowledgeable One! Brad Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Douglas Gantenbein
Aug 11, 2005