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How to Not Organize Your Gear Shed, by Pro Climber Cedar Wright

Welcome to professional climber Cedar Wright’s Boulder gear shed, or, as he calls it, his “discombobulated junk show.” It’s also an adventure athlete’s paradise packed into a one-car garage that’s bursting with ice climbing, paragliding, big-wall climbing, and biking equipment stacked in neat—and not so neat—piles.

Alison Vagnini
Jan 19, 2017

The World’s First Wooden Ice Axe

Most ice axes are made from metal—and for good reason. But last month, the geniuses at Furnace Industries launched their new wooden tool that’s as strong as it is pretty. While you may be tempted to just hang it over the fireplace, please don’t.

Ryan Wichelns
Dec 9, 2015

Climbers: Ditch the Yoga Pants

Patagonia's Jenna Johnson is on a mission to get women into high-tech gear that can take on real adventures.

Grant Davis
Dec 30, 2014