Denali National Park and Preserve


Life and Death on America’s Highest Peak

Almost 50 years ago, a superstorm on Denali created one of the worst—and most mysterious—climbing disasters in America’s history. Now an author with a very personal connection to the tragedy hopes to find some truth.

Erin Berger
Aug 20, 2014

Taking Diversity to the Peaks

A team of African-American climbers heads to Denali this June with a lofty goal—to inspire more diversity outside

Meaghen Brown
May 15, 2013

Should I Climb Denali?

I’ve done some climbing and mountaineering in the Lower 48, and I’ve been thinking about attempting Denali. What kind of prior experience do I need to tackle The High One?

Eva Holland
May 14, 2013

Denali Climbers

Camp 14 is one of the liveliest spots on Denali, where climbers acclimatize and socialize before pushing to the summit. Add a photographer and travel writer to the mix and you get a who’s who on the highest peak in North America.

David Hanson
Sep 2, 2011

The New Kings of Adventure

They climbed the biggest walls, descended the longest rivers, and sailed the highest seas. And they went farther and faster under their own power than anyone else in 2010. Chosen for their ambition, their attitude, and their audacious lines, these are Outside's inaugural adventurers of the year.

Katie Ives, Kyle Dickman, Grayson Schaffer, Jen Schwartz, Nick Davidson, and Will Grant
Mar 4, 2011

What's the best backpack for a two-week trip into the Canadian Rockies?

For last ten years I've engaged in yearly two-week backpacking trips in Canadian Rockies with hiking buddy. We carry in all of our food and gear for 10 to 12 days and then emerge, and I'm looking to replace I my six-year-old Arc'Teyrx Bora 95 litre pack, which blew out under one of its lateral tension rods this year, two years after I replaced the harness. –Ed Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Doug Gantenbein
Oct 14, 2010