The New Rules of Leave No Trace

These foundational principles are more than 50 years old. We have three suggested updates for 2018.

Brooke Jackson
Feb 1, 2018

Slovenia's Landscapes Will Blow Your Mind

Drone pilot Hamza Mujtaba travels across the world to capture scenic landscapes and dramatic vistas. In this film Slovenia, he documents a journey he took to the wild nation he named the film after. 

Jan 1, 2018

Iceland, After Dark

Edge of the light is a drone film from professional photographers at Ozzo Photography. On a recent trip they set out to capture the northern lights dancing over Iceland's waterfalls.

Dec 4, 2017

Drone Footage of Iceland's Landscapes

When the filmmakers at Untold Skies arrived in Iceland they mad a meticulously planned out schedule and dozens pre-planned shots. After landing at the Keflavik airport, surging winds and storms threatened to dismantle their entire journey.

Oct 11, 2017

Capturing the Beauty of Iceland

This wasn't filmmaker Jesse Yang's first time in Iceland, but it was his first solo trip. On a backpacking trip with friends, he vowed to return in an attempt to illustrate how majestic this place truly is.

Sep 5, 2017