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Will the Pandemic Fix Hawaii?

Parts of the state have been overrun by tourists for years. When COVID-19 hit, the islands got a much needed pause. Will it change the future of tourism there for good?

Martha Cheng
Mar 6, 2021

The Dispute over a Cable Car on Kilimanjaro

Although the concept has been OK'd, that doesn't mean it will be implemented. Here's what former government officials, local guides, and environmental experts told Outside about its possible implications on Africa's highest peak.

Stephanie Vermillion
Feb 14, 2021

Can Billionaires Really Save Us from Climate Disaster?

As Jeff Bezos steps away from Amazon to focus his attention on initiatives like his year-old Earth Fund, it’s instructive to look at the impact of billionaire environmental philanthropy and how it could be more effective

Heather Hansman
Feb 12, 2021