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The Pull of the Open Road

As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, travel for many is still a faraway dream. But Ian Frazier reminds us that there’s no more promising feeling than hitting the road, windows down, hair blowing, full speed ahead.

Ian Frazier
Jul 13, 2020

A Cave Kingpin Is Buying Up America’s Underground. What’s His Plan?

John Ackerman has spent millions procuring a majority of the known caves in Minnesota, which add up to dozens of miles of underground passageways and likely make him the largest cave owner in the U.S. He collects and charts them in the name of preservation, but his controversial methods have created many opponents.

Matthew Sherrill
Jun 17, 2020

The Ocean Calls

Water covers 71 percent of our planet, and even though there’s so much we don’t know about it, there's something about the sea that draws us in

Apr 22, 2020