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Pro Runner Sara Hall on How to Train for a Marathon

Hall will tackle her first-ever marathon in Los Angeles on March 15. Here, she talks mileage, fueling, and how to train with your spouse. (She’s married to two-time Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall.)

Lindsey Emery
Mar 14, 2015

This Man Was 80 Years Ahead of CrossFit

More than 76 years ago, a visionary Australian coach had an epiphany that forged a generation of super-athletes: true fitness is all about translating fear into raw power.

Christopher McDougall
Dec 16, 2014

Can You Survive the Navy Seal Workout?

When a longtime triathlete took on a Kokoro camp—a beyond-extreme fitness challenge modeled on the Navy's Hell Week for SEAL candidates—his first question was purely about the pain: Can I survive this? The second was more metaphysical: Should I even want to?

T.J. Murphy
Dec 16, 2014