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Your Desk Will Save You. Here's How.

This ergonomist has a mission: to design an office that's scientifically proven to boost your fitness, mental health, and productivity.

Erin Beresini
Nov 12, 2014

Skip the Coffee, Do More Pushups

I've always heard that exercise is good for the brain, but does it actually have a real-world impact?

Amanda MacMillan
Oct 20, 2014

Fitness Apps that Actually Work

I want to see if my smartphone can make my workout better, but there are so many choices. What are some tried and true apps that I won't just delete a week in?

Amanda MacMillan
Sep 18, 2014

Sandbag Your Workout

The best tool for building strength is the sandbag—so long as you're prepared to suffer.

Ted Spiker
Sep 9, 2014