Gear of the Show


Why We Gave Patagonia's new Powslayer Gear of the Show

Always on the cusp of environmental innovation, Patagonia's Powslayer jacket earned one of our Gear of the Show awards. The balance between technical performance and environmental impact make this a great jacket.

Jan 18, 2017

These Bindings Will Change the Way You Ski

With an upgraded toe release combined with a traditional alpine heel, this binding has exceptional power transmission. We're excited to give the Fritschi Techton 12 binding a Gear of the Show award.

Jan 18, 2017

Meet Our New Favorite Snowshoe

In an effort to expand their market, Crescent Moon created an all-foam snowshoe called the Eva which technical but user-friendly. With this new product, Crescent Moon took home one of our Gear of the Show Awards.

Jan 18, 2017