Gravel Bikes


Patrick Cummins Just Wants to Ride His Hardtail

Patrick Cummins has been fighting in the UFC for the past five years, but the character he cultivates on his Instagram feed is less battle-hardened tough guy and more adventure-loving goofball who loves to ride old-school mountain bikes

John Watson and Brendan Borrell
Aug 6, 2019

An Inside Look at Our 2019 Bike Test

Every year we gather dozens of bikes and expert testers to put the newest models through their paces. Here are some snapshots from our fall session in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Jen Judge
Jun 7, 2019

Witness the Revival of the Softail Road Bike

As the gravel-bike market booms and manufacturers seek to make rides more comfortable, rigs with (just a little bit of) rear suspension are making a comeback

Aaron Gulley
May 15, 2019