The Hard Way


Straight Up, On the Rocks

An ice-climbing trip to Scotland—land of rain, sleet, and mad outdoorsmen—brings new respect for the sport's big-hearted pioneers

Mark Jenkins
Feb 1, 2001

Spin the Globe and Go

Why travel to remote places? Why bother with the hassle, the expense, the danger? Because it's actually cheap, intoxicating, and easy.

Mark Jenkins
Jan 1, 2001

Voyage Between the Wars

Some peaceful recreation on a journey from Gallipoli to Troy, where the echoes of war never die

Mark Jenkins
Dec 1, 2000

Companions in Misery

A cold mountain, a mismatched pair, and a meditation on the strange chemistry of partnership

Mark Jenkins
Nov 1, 2000

Breathless Heights

If you want to get high, there's still a price to be paid for invading the towering ranges—despite some newfangled shortcuts

Mark Jenkins
Oct 1, 2000

Give 'Em Enough Rope

Has this tired old world been explored-out? Not Down Under, where uncharted, bottomless slot canyons hide just west of Sydney.

Mark Jenkins
Sep 1, 2000

Testosterone Alfresco

Once a year, the adventurous Jenkins boys will be boys, reforging the bonds of brotherly affection by nearly killing themselves

Mark Jenkins
Aug 1, 2000

Instant Karma

Take three travelers, a nation of Buddhists, and one unfortunate rodent. Add a forbidden journey and a dark childhood secret, and you could have the time of your lives.

Mark Jenkins
Jun 1, 2000