‘Beyond the Horizon’

Guanaja, along the Mosquito Coast in Honduras, isn’t friendly. It’s hot, humid, and pirates are a real threat.

Jun 28, 2018

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth to Be an Environmentalist

The assassination of Goldman Prize-winning activist Berta Cáceres last March shocked the global community. But in her home country of Honduras, where more than 100 activists have been cut down in the past five years, it was business as usual.

Joshua Hammer
Nov 29, 2016

What Are the Best Honduran Adventures?

I want to take a trip to somewhere in Central America where I can see the rainforest and spend some time on the beach. Should I go with Costa Rica or Honduras?

Greg Melville
Mar 27, 2013

Central America

Central America's best travel destinations

Stephanie Pearson, Elizabeth Hightower Allen, Mary Turner, and Bonnie Tsui
Oct 18, 2011