Isle Royale National Park


Why The Polar Vortex is Good for Wolves

A rare ice bridge between Isle Royale National Park and the mainland offers a lifeline to the island's dwindling wolf pack.

Mary Catherine O'Connor
Feb 20, 2014

Wanna Ride?

Presenting our foolproof recipes for the perfect long, hot weekend: six classic road-trip itineraries, the country's best pit stops, and a lot of Willie Nelson. Just pick your route and roll.

Claire Martin
Jul 8, 2008

What's the best tent for a sea-kayaking tour?

My son and I are going to kayak Isle Royale. What is the best type of tent to take in a sea kayak? We are renting the kayaks in Copper Harbor. Sharen Columbus, Ohio

Douglas Gantenbein
Jul 25, 2005

Double Park It

Combine your next visit to a national park with a bonus raid on a great state park or national forest—and get twice the escape

Amy Marr, Mike Grudowski, and Mike Steere
Apr 29, 2004

Domestic Abyss

Why jet to exotic reefs when home waters boast spectacularly diverse diving?

Monique Ryan and Dimity McDowell
Aug 1, 2003