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SOS in the Age of Smartwatches

Being able to call for help from his watch helped saved John Zilles, but will wearable tech be a help or burden to search and rescue?

Graham Averill
Nov 22, 2017

Finding a New Paradise in Iceland

The folks at Manera know that kiteboarding paradises are often warm, windy, and serve great margaritas, but for their most recent trip, they ventured into the far north of Iceland.

Sep 21, 2017

Exploring The Faroe Islands With Anything But a Motor

When the folks at NorthSouth decided to travel to the Faroe Islands and make their film Silent Odyssey they wanted to do it without the assistance of motors. Armed with two bikes, one kayak, and one kiteboard they explored the 18 islands that make up this archipelago.

Jul 12, 2017

Skis + Kites = A New Frontier

Deep in the heart of Jackson Hole's backcountry, a new snow sport is emerging; snow kiting. With a combination of sailing and flying it allows kiters to fly high above the treetops.

Dec 2, 2016