A graceful ponytail helps ease the pains of a childhood long gone

Katie Heaney
Dec 13, 2012

It snowed in the Twin Cities on Thanksgiving, and Katie Heaney went to a dog park

Katie Heaney
Nov 29, 2012

Rock Climbing

Katie Heaney confronts her two greatest fears: going up and going down

Katie Heaney
Nov 15, 2012

Sometimes winning just means not losing any blood

Katie Heaney
Sep 20, 2012

What made Katie Heaney feel like a combination of Pocahontas and Jesus Christ? Standing on a board and holding a paddle.

Katie Heaney
Aug 23, 2012

Best Towns 2009

Healthy. That's the word we kept coming back to. And we don't mean a fit or skinny population; we're talking about a city's cultural vibrancy, economic well-being, and overall quality of life. Presenting our picks for the 10 best cities in America, from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Plus: Our 10 favorite small towns.

Kyle Dickman, Sam Moulton, Ryan Krogh, Jeremy Spencer, Justin Nyberg, Alicia Carr, Caitlin Meredith, Charles Bethea, Ivan Miller, and Sean Brander
Jul 20, 2009