Natural Intelligence


Do Siblings Share Athletic Potential?

Two brothers and a sister—whose parents are endurance athletes—attempted to swim the English Channel together this month. Does the family factor add any advantage?

Amanda MacMillan
Jul 28, 2014

The Same River Twice

We can boat the same backyard river with our family a dozen or more times, and it will never get old—because rivers, like our children, are constantly changing.

Katie Arnold
Jul 25, 2014

The Last of the True Cowboys?

Two years ago, Filipe Leite turned his ponies south on a journey from Canada to Brazil. Ten thousand miles later, he's almost home after facing drug traffickers, grizzlies, and mad bulls on an epic transcontinental trip.

Whitney L. James
Jul 21, 2014

Do Animals Feel Love?

New research suggests your pet really loves you, just not necessarily in the way you think.

Elle Metz
Jul 16, 2014

Those Planes Aren't the Problem

Three plane fuselages in a Montana river might seem like a problem, but there’s more to the accident than meets the eye.

Hannah Weinberger
Jul 11, 2014

What Animal Madness Teaches Us About Ourselves

From wombats to killer whales, animals suffer from OCD, PTSD, anxiety, phobias, and mood disorders. What that says about us, and how we can learn to be "therapy humans" for our pets.

Jeff Foss
Jul 10, 2014