Camp and Play in White Sands' Gypsum Dune Field

Welcome to America's newest national park, with endless and huge sand dunes to explore. It's our 62 Parks Traveler's fifth stop on her journey to visit every U.S. national park in a year.

Emily Pennington
Mar 26, 2020

A Search for Vanishing Dark Skies

The SkyGlow Project traveled to several national parks to document how night skies there have changed with urban development

Mar 25, 2020

Can the Outdoors Save Guys from Themselves?

Men suffer higher rates of suicide and drug abuse than women. Many are anxious and lonely—and, as a result, they’re all too often angry and violent. Wilderness Collective thinks the solution lies in open spaces, UTVs, and fireside talks. But is that enough?

Chris Colin
Mar 23, 2020