Kiwi Becomes First to Solo Kayak the Tasman Sea

After nearly 40 years of attempts by multiple people—and at least one mysterious disappearance—Scott Donaldson became the first person to paddle alone across the 1,400-mile stretch of ocean

Krista Langlois
Jul 24, 2018

Like the Appalachian Trail, But with More Stoplights

An energized group of explorers are bringing the spirit of wilderness through hiking to American cities. Record-breaking distance trekker Liz Thomas and others are altering how we see urban spaces and inviting folks new to the outdoors along for the fun.

Erin Berger
May 1, 2018

Has Amelia Earhart Really Been Found?

Don't bet on it. A recent media frenzy that linked the missing aviator to bones recovered long ago on the Pacific island of Nikumaroro missed a crucial point. She probably wasn't anywhere near the place.

Carl Hoffman
Apr 3, 2018