Exploring Nicaragua’s Most Remote Coast by Kayak

Far beyond the glorified surf spots, volcano hikes, and coffee plantation tours is a 26-hour-long bus ride to Nicaragua’s Mosquito Coast, a Caribbean region that’s rarely visited. For my wife, Claire Cripps, and me, the idea to explore this region began in 2015 after we completed a packrafting journey down the Rio Coco, which is the longest river in Central America and flows through the heart of mosquito country in Honduras and Nicaragua.

Braden Gunem and Claire Cripps
Jun 7, 2017

Nicaragua's Bizarre Plan to Bury the Panama Canal

The country's Sandinista government has cut a deal with a reclusive Chinese businessman willing to spend $50 billion on a larger-than-life transport waterway. There are a few unanswered questions, starting with whether Nicaraguans really want it and how much priceless habitat would be wrecked. Traveling the proposed route by motorcycle, boat, and boots, the author hunts for answers.

Elliott D. Woods
Jun 23, 2015

Drop Anchor at a Balmy Island This Winter

From nearby to far-flung and exotic, we've got seven islands to cure your winter wanderlust. Turns out one of the most spectacular is right around the corner.

Stephanie Pearson
Oct 6, 2014