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15 Images That Prove Why We Desperately Need a Strong EPA

Almost 50 years ago, Richard Nixon commissioned a photography project called Documerica to illustrate miles and miles of environmental degradation, advocating for the need for the agency. The following are some of the most striking images from that project.

The Editors
Mar 10, 2017

A Photographer’s Mission to Capture America’s Great Rest Stops

When photographer Ryann Ford moved to Texas in 2007, she began driving across the state, accepting photography assignments in every corner. Ford would take the quickest, main highways on her way there and look for the more scenic routes on the way back.

Ryann Ford
Jun 16, 2016

The Untold, Beautiful, and Wild Stories of the American West

Photographer Lucas Foglia’s widely celebrated book, Frontcountry, took him across much of the American West from 2006 to 2013. He captured nearly 60,000 images over that time and narrowed the final selection down to just 60 shots, all of which explored mining and ranching communities and their interaction with the surrounding landscape. Despite his extensive coverage, Foglia thinks many of the stories he came across are still undercovered. He even included a map in the book as an invitation for other photographers and storytellers to use as a resource. Here, Foglia highlights a few storylines from his book that are far from over.

Lucas Foglia
Jun 7, 2016