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The Last Days at Standing Rock

The decision by the Army Corps of Engineers to block the Dakota Access Pipeline arrived just as internal tensions threatened to fracture Standing Rock's Oceti Sakowin camp

Mark Sundeen
Dec 10, 2016

Racism and White Privilege at the North Dakota Pipeline Protests

Two impassioned mass protests: one led by white people with guns, the other by nonviolent Native Americans. Taken together, they shed light on the centuries-old myth of the valiant cowboy and savage Indian—and on white privilege and institutional racism in America.

Mark Sundeen
Oct 29, 2016

At Camp with the Standing Rock Pipeline Protesters

When I arrived, I realized there are two major stories unfolding here on the windswept prairie of North Dakota. One of them, the one that has drawn the most media attention, plays out in rallies and hashtags, Facebook Live streams, and confrontations with pipeline security workers. The other is more difficult to see unless you visit the camp itself, where old friends and long estranged tribes have reunited, and people share songs, prayers, and stories as they articulate a future in which tribal lands are no longer national sacrifice zones and the zero-sum logic of industry is not taken for granted.

Terray Sylvester
Sep 14, 2016

Lakota Sioux Are Standing Up to the Next Keystone XL

Two of our country's biggest issues, racism and climate change, have collided on a North Dakota reservation. This week, I loaded up my station wagon with water and supplies and drove down for a look at a historic demonstration that could shape the national dialogue going forward.

Mark Sundeen
Sep 2, 2016