Olympic National Park


I an avid backpacker, but have yet to get into winter hiking. Are there any trails in or around Washington that you would recommend as a good place to get some experience with four-season backpacking? Scott V. Chehalis, Washington

Feb 5, 2008

Finding uncrowded bliss from Olympic to Acadia

Tim Sohn
Apr 20, 2007

Annette McGivney and Cameron Walker
Jun 1, 2004

Combine your next visit to a national park with a bonus raid on a great state park or national forest—and get twice the escape

Amy Marr, Mike Grudowski, and Mike Steere
Apr 29, 2004

Aug 1, 2003

Big Fun in 17 National Parks

Kimberly Brown Seely, Lisa Twyman Bessone, W. Hodding Carter, Seth Masia, Joe Yogerst, Sam Moulton, and Harriot Manley
Jun 1, 2003