Outside Classics


How Outside Celebrates a Birthday

Over the past four decades, Outside has told a lot of incredible stories. It’s something worth celebrating, so when our 40th anniversary rolled around this year, we went big.

Nov 21, 2017

Deep Bench

A salute to ALL the editors, writers, photographers, designers, and fact checkers who’ve made Outside come alive.* Plus: a partial list of career highlights.

The Editors
Oct 4, 2017

Into Rarified Air

There were many stories that were more fun to cook up and publish, but nothing quite compares with the force and moral clarity of Jon Krakauer’s account of the 1996 tragedies on Mount Everest

Mark Bryant
Sep 15, 2017

Syria, as the World Closed In

Syria is an enthusiastic state sponsor of terrorism and a fiendish fan of torture and oppression. But have you tried the stuffed grape leaves? Patrick Symmes invades before the coalition of the willing can.

Patrick Symmes
Sep 16, 2014

Into the McCandless Bus

Into The Bus: An intimate tour of the Fairbanks City Transit System Bus 142, where the late Chris McCandless was discovered

Dec 17, 2013

Thrifty, Clean, and Brave

Each summer 20,000 shining paragons of American boyhood march into the wilderness of Philmont Scout Ranch to confront an age-old question: Can the anarchy of adolescence be tamed?

Adam Goodheart
Oct 23, 2013

An Inside Look at the Surprisingly Violent Quidditch World Cup

The Quidditch World Cup sounds dorky, and make no mistake: it is. But these sorcery-loving Harry Potter fans play pretty rough, as Eric Hansen found out when he captained a bad-news team of ex-athletes, ultimate Frisbee studs, slobs, drunks, and some people he knows from Iceland. Brooms up, and may the best Muggles win.

Eric Hansen
May 4, 2012

Amundsen Schlepped Here

Norway's forbidding Hardangervidda Plateau nearly killed Roald Amundsen when he attempted a ski traverse in the winter of 1896. But the failure set him on a path of training, study, and exploration that led to his historic conquest of the South Pole. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of that feat, Mark Jenkins and his brother Steve skied the route, an epic challenge that even now can prove deadly.

Mark Jenkins
Oct 6, 2011