This Is Pakistan

Arz e Pakistan, from Family Films, is a stunning glimpse into the country’s scenery.

Jul 20, 2018

Did Greg Mortenson Get the Shaft?

A new documentary argues that the Central Asia Institute’s founder was treated unfairly by "60 Minutes" and Jon Krakauer when they took him down in 2011. The newsmagazine and the author remain unfazed, and both stand by their original reporting.

Jennifer Dobner
Oct 27, 2016

Two U.S. Climbers Missing on Pakistani Mountain

A pair from Utah trying to complete the first ascent of a steep face in the Karakoram mountain range were caught in a snowstorm last month and haven't been seen since

Eric Killelea
Sep 1, 2016

'Summit or Death!'

A new study shows that climbing teams from countries with rigid social structures are more likely to summit Himalaya mountains—but also more likely to die trying. Can the data predict summit success?

Devon O'Neil
Jan 21, 2015

Landays: Cries of the Pashtun Women

The border between Afghanistan and Pakistan is a lawless no-man's-land where violence and suffering rage, and no one has it harder than the region's 21 million Pashtun women. Their mode of rebellion? Short-verse poems called landays.

Eliza Griswold
Apr 25, 2014

Inside the Nanga Parbat Murders

One of the worst massacres in mountaineering history happened this summer in Pakistan. Will it happen again?

David Roberts
Jul 30, 2013

Banff Interview: Cory Richards

The 29-year-old cinematographer and alpinist talks about bagging the first ascent of GII in winter and the making of Cold

Caty Enders
Nov 3, 2011