First Winter Summit of Gasherbaum II

For three top alpinists, pulling off one of the most difficult ascents in mountaineering history required speed and daring. Getting down alive took a miracle.

Grayson Schaffer
Apr 25, 2011

Greg Mortenson Speaks

The embattled director of the Central Asia Institute responds to allegations of financial mismanagement and that he fabricated stories in his bestselling book Three Cups of Tea.

Alex Heard
Apr 13, 2009

The Peacemaker

Greg Mortenson on his mission to bring the world together.

Nov 10, 2008

A Few False Moves

In early August, after 11 climbers died on the world’s second-highest peak, people wanted to know: Has the Everest circus migrated to K2? MICHAEL KODAS pieced together the events from eight of the survivors and has a straight answer: Sort of.

Michael Kodas
Sep 24, 2008

Es Ist Mein Bruder!

Last summer, the headless corpse of Reinhold Messner's brother Günther emerged out of the snowmelt on Pakistan's Nanga Parbat. After 35 years of nasty arguments and accusations, would the discovery finally reveal who was to blame for his death and solve one of mountaineering's greatest mysteries?

Greg Child
Jan 1, 2006

The Mountain of Mountains

“Schoening leaned into his ax and braced himself for the impact. The rope thinned, then drew taut as a steel wire. For the next five minutes, he kept six men from falling of the face of the mountain.”

Kevin Fedarko
Nov 1, 2003