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Op-Ed: Zinke Betrayed the Tribal Nations

By slashing the Utah monuments without listening to the sovereign indigenous voices, the secretary of the interior regressed to a time when the feds oppressed and disrespected the tribes

Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk
Dec 7, 2017

Trump Shrinks Bears Ears. Now What?

Get ready for lawsuits. The five tribal nations that supported the formation of the monument say they will respond with legal action and continued collaboration.

Jake Bullinger
Dec 4, 2017

Trump Says Shrink Bears Ears. Now What?

On Friday, the President told Senator Orrin Hatch that he planned to downsize two Utah national monuments. Here's why nothing's likely to happen soon.

Christopher Solomon
Oct 27, 2017

Just How Hard Is It to Undo Bears Ears?

Trump's order to review the national-monument designations of the past 21 years seems to be the first concrete intimation of rolling back the protections all together

Christopher Solomon
Dec 29, 2016

Obama Saved the Arctic—Just in Time

Pro adventurer Eric Larsen, who's spent the past 20 years exploring the Arctic, on why the President's move to protect the Arctic and Antarctic came just in the nick of time

Eric Larsen
Dec 22, 2016