SCUBA Diving


A High Case of the Bends

George Watson was on an exploratory scuba dive in a remote lake in the Peruvian Andes when everything that could go wrong suddenly did

Will Cockrell
Dec 27, 2018

What Happened to Rob Stewart?

The director of the acclaimed documentary 'Sharkwater' disappeared mysteriously after a deep dive off the coast of Key Largo on Tuesday. For 72 hours, crews scoured the ocean. On Friday, shortly after the search for Stewart was suspended, divers found his body on the bottom of the ocean floor.

Adam Skolnick
Feb 3, 2017

Outside Podcast: In Too Deep

Alone, deep underwater inside a sunken ship, with only minutes to survive, Michael Proudfoot's survival story might be the most epic to date

The Editors
Jul 19, 2016