I want to plan a rugged weekend in the Southwest with a group of my buddies. Some aren’t very outdoorsy, others are moderately experienced, and one could vanish for a week in the woods with nothing but a knife and dental floss and come back fatter and stronger. What would be a fun, not-too-cold adventure that would please everyone?

Greg Melville
Jan 11, 2012

Justin Nyberg, Ryan Krogh, Sam Moulton, Christopher Keyes, Will Palmer, Alicia Carr, and Grayson Schaffer
Oct 1, 2009

Amy Marr, Kimberly Lisagor, and Mike Steere
Nov 1, 2003

Dean King, Leslie Weeden, Ginny Graves, Deborah Geigis Berry, Charles Wohlforth, Steve Jermanok, John Fox, Lolly Merrell, and Anne Goodwin Sides
Jun 1, 2002