South America


The 3 Challenges of Kayaking Around South America

This month, German Freya Hoffmeister became the first kayaker to circumnavigate the continent, paddling through everything from gale-force winds to ship-clogged canals.

Will Egensteiner
May 14, 2015

The 5 Best Travel Guides

These adventure geniuses will make your next trip the one you never, ever forget.

Stephanie Pearson
Mar 11, 2015

Eric Larsen's Winter Favorites

The pro traveler needs cutting-edge survival gear as he explorers the farthest reaches of the planet. And his favorite place to play might surprise you. (Hint: It’s in the Midwest.)

Bob Parks
Nov 10, 2014

Making Eye Contact With Nature: The "Wild Image Project"

Explorer Daniel Fox has paddled some of the world's wildest places in search of images that can reconnect us with nature—but not humanize it. His startling Wild Image Project brings wildlife up close and personal, asking viewers to reconsider their relationship with the environment. "Nature is raw, rough, cruel, pretty, beautiful, inspiring, but above all, a humble experience," Fox says. And that's a great thing.

Daniel Fox
Sep 18, 2014