Squaw Valley


The planet is smaller than ever, but that just means there's a host of new dangers out there—and a new set of solutions. These days, a text message or the right travel-insurance policy might just save your bacon. So study up—your life may depend on it.

Lisa Lombardi, Kyle Dickman, Will Gray, Ryan Krogh, Christina Erb, Ted Katauskas, and Justin Nyberg
Oct 26, 2009

The goal: To rank the continent's top ski destinations. The deciding factors: Snow quality and terrain. The judge: Marc Peruzzi, intrepid Colorado-based ski reporter, former Outside staffer, and editor of Skiing magazine, 2003-2008.

Marc Peruzzi
Nov 1, 2008

Five refreshingly undeveloped resorts

Sam Moulton, Marc Peruzzi, and Alicia Carr
Oct 21, 2008

It seems like every time I've looked at the weather this year, ski areas out West are getting hmered with more snow—even in April. Can you tell me the best places for spring skiing? Pete Salisbury, Maryland

Apr 18, 2006

Nov 1, 2004

Peter Oliver
Dec 1, 2002