Living In Sudan Taught This Boy to Run

Olympic runner Lopez Lomong grew up in a small village in war-torn South Sudan. As one of the lost boys of South Sudan, he often found himself chased by armed militia once running for three straight days.

Dec 1, 2017

A Wild Country Grows in South Sudan

The new country of South Sudan is blessed with oil, water, and a safari bonanza: one of the largest, most stunning animal migrations on earth. But without roads, laws, or infrastructure, can Africa’s youngest state turn potential into stabilizing profit? Patrick Symmes joins the adventure.

Patrick Symmes
Apr 9, 2013

In the Drop Zone

They fly into lands of hunger and madness, dispensing food while warlords dispense terror from the barrel of a gun. They trade safety and comfort for the sharp edge of altruism, predictable careers for the daily bread of death and disease. They're relief workers on the front lines—and once they're hooked, they can never go home again.

Peter Maass
Jul 1, 2000