Two Way Radios


Which two-way radio will work in South America?

I need to purchase two-way radios for a group of missionaries working in Guyana. Obviously, things such as maximum range and durability are of great importance. Much more important than price, actually. Can you recommend something? Randall Decatur, Alabama

Douglas Gantenbein
Mar 27, 2007

Will a two-way radio work in deep canyons?

Will a high-range two-way radio work in deep canyons? I ask because my father, who is 77, likes to "trp around the backcountry," which has a lot of large canyons. This worries my mother sick, as he gets no cell phone signal there. Any ideas? John Genoa City, Wisconsin

Douglas Gantenbein
Dec 21, 2006

Can I use a U.S.-bought two-way radio in Italy?

Is it legal to use U.S.-bought family /general mobile radios in Italy for staying in touch with people from our party? Do I need a special Italian license? If so, how do I get one? Howard Phoenix, Arizona

Douglas Gantenbein
Jul 27, 2006

What's the best walkie-talkie for keeping in touch on the ski slopes?

What is the best current model of the Motorola Talkabouts to purchase for skiing? I gather the 280SLK and the T-Series are no longer made, but I find today's models confusing so I need some help. The units must be rechargeable. Diane Roslyn, New York

Douglas Gantenbein
Dec 7, 2005

Storm Troupers

If you want to chase tornadoes and the thunderheads that spawn them, you need adventure-tested tech and gear that can weather any tempest

Mark Anders
May 1, 2005

Can you rig a two-way radio hookup to a climbing helmet?

Would there be any advantage in having a small two-way radio system attached to your rock-climbing helmet? Basically so you and your partner can talk to each other easily while climbing. Tim Dunedin, New Zealand

Douglas Gantenbein
Apr 11, 2005