West Coast


Behind the Scenes of 'Wild'

The movie version of Cheryl Strayed's hit book features Reese Witherspoon like you've rarely seen her—tangled hair, ratty clothes, and dirt under her fingernails. But the backpacking film has a secret: it's actually a brutal story about loss and love.

Tim Neville
Nov 7, 2014

Things That Go Boom

Some of the explosives that professionals use to take down the white dragon.

Christopher Solomon
Sep 22, 2014

In the Line of Wildfire

Drought and climate change have turned western forests into firebombs that go off every summer. Even with new technology, the essential weapon in the fight against flame are the Hotshots, an elite group of wilderness first responders who head straight for the heat.

Kyle Dickman
Jun 13, 2013