Wrangell St. Elias National Park

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2009 Travel Awards

Mar 23, 2009

Papa Pilgrim’s Progress

Out on the far edge of the Alaska frontier, a man can hide his sins. Robert Allen Hale—a.k.a. Papa Pilgrim—bought a homestead outside the remote town of McCarthy where he imprisoned his family and conned the world with tales of a simpler life. But for the 15 children living the nightmare, the only choice was escape.

Mark Kirby
Nov 19, 2008

Kristin Bjornsen
Jun 20, 2007

When he landed a rare permit to hunt bison deep in the Alaskan wilderness, our fearless forager thought he'd be living out a childhood dream. Wild buffalo, hungry grizzlies, nearly fatal hypothermia—what more could a grown man ask for?

Steven Rinella
Nov 1, 2006

Annette McGivney and Cameron Walker
Jun 1, 2004

How To Get Off the Beaten Trail (or River, or Mountain) With These 43 Soon-To-Be-Classic National Park Adventure

Jennifer Villeneuve
May 1, 2002