The Last Days of Cecil the Lion

When Cecil, the magnificent, 13-year old, black-mane lion was killed by an American dentist on an illegal trophy bow hunt last year, the world responded with shock and horror. Photographer Brent Stapelkamp, 38, was the last person to fit Cecil with a GPS satellite collar and to photograph him, just a month before he was killed.

Giannella M. Garrett
Jul 15, 2016

Experience Heaven: Book a Star Bed!

If you love sleeping under the sky, you should try it in the coziest way possible—within the snug confines of a plush outdoor bed.

Ann Abel
Feb 5, 2015

In the Doghouse

Alexandra Fuller's Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness

Bruce Barcott
Aug 1, 2011

Editors' Choice

Overlooked mountain ranges, river beer, running album, gear of all time, and 47 other big ideas, accidental winners, and awesome things about the world outside we've come to love over the past 33 years. Introducing our first annual Editors' Choice Awards...

Feb 14, 2010

Stealth Safaris

When it comes to critter spotting, the quiet approach is the way to go

David Noland, David Goodman, and Ann Jones
Oct 15, 2001