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2014 Race Report

Everything you need to know about slapping down an entry fee, pinning on a race bib, and heading to the start line.

Big Picture


Raising money once a year is great. So is pushing yourself to the limit. But today's racing culture is all about the fun.

James Jung

Plenty of races forgo the clock, but few are more fun than the European cycling tradition that’s blowing up ­stateside


Underground, unsanctioned races are about as elusive as secret New York City parties. These simple steps you put you in the know.

Cold-Weather Races

Winter Epics

From fat biking and snowshoe racing to winter trail running, there has never been more opportunity—or more variety—for competing on snow. Here's how to thrive when the mercury drops.


I’m racing the California International Marathon this weekend. The temperature will be in the 30s to start. How should I warm up?

Drew Grossman

Don't let the cold put the kibosh on your winter workout.


Or will I be totally out of shape this spring?

I noticed that the World Championship Shovel Races are coming up this weekend and thought, "Hey, now there's a sport I might be able to compete in." What steps should I take to prepare for next year?


Before the Start Line


Why you don’t need a PH.D. in fitness


Easy gear upgrades to get you race-ready without mortgaging the house


It's impossible to not have fun racing in a fat Elvis suit, no matter how painful the last mile is.


Be Comfortable, Be Fast


You don't need a fancy kit to make it to the finish line.


A growing list of apps and tracking units allows you to challenge riding buddies and strangers alike.


You don’t need a resort to bound through the snow


The gear that's changing the way we work out.


Over the past few decades, humans have developed some pretty high-tech synthetic fabrics, including membranes with nine billion pores per square inch and bi-layer wicking polyester.    But in spite of our best efforts, the most advanced technical fibers still come from Mother Nature. Take merino wool, which is hard…


Both Yaktrax and MICROspikes tout themselves as superior traction devices that keep you upright on snow and ice. Which product should I buy for winter running?


I know. It’s the middle of winter and unless you live in Southern California, T-shirts are likely not high on your shopping list right now. But I would argue that a solid short-sleeve, next-to-skin layer is essential year-round. It’s your first line of defense when it comes to wicking sweat…


Lighter and sleeker than any other racing snowshoe on the market.


Eating Right for Peak Performance

To stay properly fueled match your carb intake to your activity level, focus on quality, and consider what time of day you eat certain meals.

Ryan Krogh

Jamaican jerk chicken fuels America's Olympic dreams

Rachael Schultz

Learn how to make the best snack for any activity

These healthy eats can help you build strength, sustain energy, and recover faster


The trendy fruitarian diet is gaining a reputation for possible health risks. But the right fruits, assuming they’re not your only energy source, pack a performance punch.


Frosting! Cookies! Peanut butter! It's all fair game during long days of racing.




Finally, more events are offering child-care options for active parents.


Six-year-old Half Marathoner Sparks Debate


Tim Olson on how to run—and win—100 milers while making it look easy