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skis from the 2023 ski test

Frontside Skis

From early season laps to encouraging ladies to get comfortable on edge, these frontside tools with slimmer waists take skiing back to the fundamentals

These narrower sticks may have a penchant for carving, but they also like to play in the bumps

This year’s No. 1 frontside ski has no true weakness

This year’s No. 2 ski is a wider waisted frontside ski that can crush groomers as well as the crud

An approachable frontside ski perfect for groomer rippers who aren't afraid to play off-piste on the same ski

A slight change in construction makes the new Kendo 88 more accessible and more fun

If speed is your friend, this ski belongs in your quiver

It’s got race heritage, but it’s much more accessible than you’d think

If you’re looking for a a no-nonsense frontside ski that excels in crud, look no further

The e-Titan is a groomer ski with a one-track mind: to slice and dice hardpack

If you’re looking for a confidence-inspiring teaching tool to help you level up, give this ski a try

A beer-league racing ski for those ex-racer types out there

This year’s category winner makes everyone who skis it feel like a star

Truly a ski for everyone, in all conditions, wherever you ski

A true frontside ski made for all levels of skiers to improve their carving prowess

Not just for carving, this all-mountain ski can do it all

A beefy ski with stability and power for strong intermediates and up

Super-stable planks for strong skiers who know how to steer a ski

An easy-skiing option for all levels, especially newer or casual skiers

A dialed groomer ski that excels in short to medium turns

A ski that likes to stay on-piste for skiers who like to do the same

An ideal ski for beginners to gain confidence on hardpack and corduroy

All-Mountain Skis

Don’t bother checking the snow report—these skis always deliver, no matter the conditions

These skis are party in the front, business underfoot, and designed to charge the whole mountain

We put 26 all-mountain wide skis to the test. These 14 are the best of the best.

These all-mountain skis have a little more underfoot, more rocker, and more fun in powder

Testers once again designated the Enforcer 100 as the benchmark ski of the all-mountain category

If you gravitate towards quick and playful skis that can still hold their own when the going gets tough, check out this little number

Power and precision are the name of the game with this tried and true favorite

This ski is one of the best in class when it comes to balancing performance and approachability

This new addition to the all-mountain category impressed with its balance of skills

This forgiving and energetic all-mountain ski is ideal for those looking to gain confidence off the groomed

Want an all-mountain ski that can rail off-piste like it rails on groomers? Here you go.

The Ranger 96 is an approachable and fun do-it-all ski

These playful sticks are down to show you a good time all over the mountain

A ski for those who want an all-mountain ski, but don’t want to sacrifice the ability to carve

Introducing the top-rated women’s all-mountain ski of the year

The runner-up in the women’s all-mountain category is a universal crowd pleaser

This ski was voted the most playful ski among this year’s crop of women’s all-mountain skis

If you’re looking for an all-mountain ski to do it all, and do it all really well, this is your ticket to ride

This perennial favorite didn’t win any awards this year, but testers still love it for its backbone and dependability

This ski didn’t steal the show again this year, but you’d be hard pressed to find a better crud ski

If you’re looking for an all-mountain ski that can also carve up a storm, look no further

Don’t let the pretty top sheet fool you—this all-mountain tool means business, especially in the crud

If you’re a carver girl at heart but need something a little wider underfoot, the Ripstick 94 W is your compromise

This accessible all-mountain tool for ladies earned high marks in versatility and quickness

This year’s best wide all-mountain ski is a tried and true performer

This Sender is all-new, and it’s a crowd pleaser

A bomber all-mountain ski tailor-made for hard-chargers

Wait until you feel the design upgrades to this best-seller

A wide all-mountain ski for the more playful skiers out there

If you like to carve even when you have wide planks underfoot, this is your ski

It’s hard to find a wide all-mountain ski that’s this stable at speed

Allow us to introduce you to this scrappy brand and its supremely fun all-mountain ski

For soft snow and deep days, reach for these playful planks

It’s built for deep snow, but you’d be surprised by its versatility

This year’s chart-topping wide all-mountain ski for ladies lives for soft snow and crud

A tried and true favorite that delivers in crud

We give you the most versatile and responsive wide all-mountain ride of the year

A no-nonsense ski for ladies who don’t shy away from big mountain lines

This year’s most playful wide all-mountain ski also eats crud for breakfast

This year’s Most Improved award goes to this energetic and fun ski

A quick whip for all-mountain adventures in tight terrain

These playful planks were designed for skiers of the mountain west

This wider all-mountain ski can cut through crud and carve up groomers

This easy-going ride will follow you wherever you go, as long as it’s on edge

Powder Skis

These wide, rockered planks will help you milk those powder days for all their worth

These wide, rockered planks designed for the deepest days of the year will do more than float—they fly

The best powder ski of the year will make an all-time day even more all-time

It’s like the Enforcer, but way more fun

A powder ski that floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee

This year’s most forgiving powder ski is also a ton of fun

This ski offers an impressive balance between flotation and power

When the fluff turns to crud, this is the ski you want underfoot

A ski made for the playful pow slasher

If it’s deep, this ski will float your boat

A powder ski with a versatile waist width to tackle the snow you get instead of the snow you want

Only advanced and expert skiers need apply to this pow ski with Titanal

The best women’s powder ski of the year is one heck of a fun ride

The runner-up in the women’s powder category is a force to be reckoned with

If you like playful powder planks (who doesn’t), check out this energetic ski

No women’s powder ski list would be complete without this perennial favorite

If you’re an expert ripper looking for a ski that can keep up with you in the deep stuff, this is your ski

This tough bird won’t let you down when the pow turns to crud

This new powder ski from Faction is for hard-chargers who don’t shy away from the steep and deep

With a more moderate waist, this is the ski for East Coast pow hounds and those of us who live in reality

This powder ski for ladies is as playful as it is pretty

Backcountry Skis

Looking for the perfect backcountry ski for deep days and big missions? Start here.

Our favorite backcountry skis of the year aren’t just lightweight skis that power up the skintrack. They’re bonafide downhill performers.

This year’s most exciting new backcountry ski charges like a downhill ski

This fast and light backcountry ski doesn’t skimp on downhill performance

A backcountry stick for those who gravitate towards directional skis

These skis let you bring the playfulness of your resort skiing to the backcountry

Finally, an Enforcer designed to adventure beyond the ropes

When it’s soft and light in the backcountry, reach for these playful planks

Looking for a jack-of-all-trades in the backcountry? Look no further

A ski made for the technical backcountry lines of the Rockies

Allow us to introduce you to this stealthy backcountry player

Glen Plake’s first ever signature model is a backcountry tool that skis like Glen Pake

If you have your sights set on long backcountry tours even during low tide, this ski may be just the ticket

A lightweight free-touring ski with a moderate waist, the Escaper W 97 Nano is a versatile backcountry ski for ladies who charge no matter the conditions

We challenge you to find a more playful and responsive backcountry ski than this

This quick and reliable backcountry ski for ladies gets the job done on all but the deepest of days

If you gravitate towards a damp, stiff ski for backcountry adventures, this is your stick

Featuring a slim waist and lightweight construction, this backcountry ski is for those who need quick sticks to tackle big, technical terrain

It’s not a backcountry powder plank, but it sure is quick in steep, technical terrain

It’s not the lightest backcountry option out there, but if you’re plowing through backcountry crud, this is the ski you want underfoot

Ski Boots & Bindings

These traditional women's downhill ski boots are built for ladies who charge the resort

If you’re a dedicated resort skier looking for ski boots that are all about downhill performance, start here

Featuring tech inserts, rubber soles, and hike-modes with plenty of range of motion, these boots make short work of long, uphill slogs

Whether you’re looking for a dedicated lightweight alpine touring boot or a hybrid boot to take on the resort and the backcountry, you’ll find something that fits the bill right here

These new alpine, hybrid, and touring bindings come packed with exciting new features

If you liked the Salomon S/Max, wait till you step into this new boot

This high performance ski boot is for those who refuse to sacrifice control for comfort

A high-performance boot for advanced skiers with narrow feet

With this boot, advanced and expert skiers with a wider foot no longer have to sacrifice performance for fit

Cross Country Skiing

We had ten testers with 96 Birkie finishes help us identify the top-performing skate and classic skis for all disciplines and ability levels

Ten testers covered 965 miles to narrow down the best gear for skate and classic skiing

Ski Accessories

According to seasoned ski gear testers, these are the most functional and comfortable brain buckets of the year

Looking for goggs with magnetic lens change systems, UV protection, and color-boosting contrast? Look no further.