We’re Calling Time Out

Americans are overworked, overscheduled, and just plain exhausted. So forget about radical diets and intense new fitness plans—what we really all need is to sloooow down. Read on to reclaim your mojo in 2020.

The Big Chill

Work hard, play hard—that's how many of us live today. But it turns out that our supercharged lives aren’t so great for us, and fitness experts and doctors are now emphasizing restorative practices and rest to improve performance and overall health.

The Solutions


17 surprisingly easy steps to a happier, less strung-out life—starting with your vagus nerve

Start Over

He overcame addiction and workaholism to become an elite endurance athlete and star podcast host. As he sees it, it's never too late to start over on the path to a more balanced life.

On the Verge

Both substances are being studied for stress and anxiety relief. We asked the experts if and how they work.