The Art of the Campfire Story

Is the age-old craft of oral storytelling going by the wayside? Not if we can help it.

Plots & Tales

This age-old camp tradition has a higher purpose. Plus, two campfire skit ideas to stoke your creative side.

Outdoor guides from across the globe told us their favorite fireside tales—prepare to be spooked and inspired

Maren Horjus

A sneaky ghost is good. A real mystery backed up by history is even better.


Night comes alive when you let your voice and imagination lead you—and your rapt audience—somewhere surprising


These spooky tales will make you feel like you're out in the backwoods—almost

Runner Dylan Bowman​​​​​​ recounts a harrowing tale in which he faced off with a yellow Lab in the midst of a 100-mile race

Jeff Provenzano narrates a wingsuit flight that resulted in a $5,000 helicopter-rescue bill

Carson Storch recounts a near disastrous run-in with a bear in the Yukon during a mountain-bike and raft trip down the Tatshenshini River

Scenes & Settings

When campfires are allowed, it’s important to know how to light them—and how to put them out


They're a connection to our wildest selves


Step one: know the conditions and whether fires are actually allowed where you're camping


From a $25 grill to a genius s'mores contraption, this gear will take your fire pit nights to the next level

Do it poorly—or not at all—and you could start the next catastrophic wildfire


In the era of megafires and fire bans, we need a new way to hang out at base camp. Howl Campfires are genuinely warm, easy to transport, and safe to use.

Which of these popular aprés accessories burns brighter?

Campfire Cooking

Amanda Faison

Here’s how to get your campfire’s flames fine-tuned for outdoor cooking


There's time for one or two more gatherings around the flames before summer is officially over. Here are some libations to end the season right.

headshot Mallory Arnold

Whether it’s boiling hot dogs, caramelizing vegetables, or cooking chicken, your favorite six-pack makes everything better

headshot Mallory Arnold

We asked camping and beverage expert Andy Austin for all the tips and tricks so campers everywhere can easily whip up hot drinks to sip on while camping in cold weather.

headshot Mallory Arnold

With more than six million views on TikTok, this cookie recipe might just be the dessert of the summer