In summer, it can be tempting to stock your fridge to the brim with beer and call it a day. But this is the time of year when fruit and herbs and all those lovely things that make cocktails so great are in season. If ever there were a time to stray from your beer habit, summer is it. —AC Shilton

Creating the Perfect Backyard Barbecue

Put together the greatest grilling season you've ever had.


Grilling Tools and Rules


Use lube. Carry extra fuel. Don’t forget veggies. These and other critical tips will guarantee you look like you know what you’re doing.


Don’t have a big yard? No problem. Here are some tips and essentials for our party-minded urban dwellers.


Whether you’re looking to step up your chef game, provide for a massive party, or just plain lazy, these grills deliver


It’s often the little things that distinguish a great chef from a mediocre one. Here’s a short list of gadgets and add-ons that will help you up your grill game.


Know Your Beer


Don’t be the guest who brings a sixer of heavy stout to a party on a triple-digit-degree afternoon. Here’s our list of all-day-drinkable brews.

Bob Parks

You’ll be surprised how far we’ve come from the blocky, cumbersome ice coolers of yesteryear


Let summer live on with a few more luaus


Boost the Party

Michael Frank

Equipping yourself to be a one-person A/V Club should be a point of pride

Ted Trautman

We’ve evolved beyond croquet and badminton, and it’s time to start acting like it


There’s no reason to sacrifice function for fashion. These seven items—from the world’s most versatile shorts to the ultimate koozie—give you flexibility to relax, run around, and keep the booze chilled all day long.

Six versatile essentials to help you look and feel your best