Woman working in vegetable garden

Gardening 101

Our best advice for growing your own food and foliage


Take your gardening indoors with houseplants. Use these tips to place them in proper sunlight, water them correctly, and feed them so they survive and thrive.

A relationship with plants built on love, care, and respect is at the heart of bringing the outdoors inside


Making your favorite tree or flower reproduce itself is easier than you think

Tools You Can Use


These items will keep you comfortable and protected while you tend to your flowers and veggies

This is the gear you want for starting your own herb garden or brightening your indoor living space…

Growing Is Good


After giving up competitive running, cycling, and triathlon, I bought a farm in Tennessee. I didn’t know at the time how challenging—and life-affirming—growing my own food would be.


Can you feel the burn?


Homesteaders were ready for this. Here's how to kick your self-sufficiency skills into high gear.


How self-determination theory can help you survive the long, drawn-out pandemic

Having a green lawn doesn’t make sense in many parts of the country. But that doesn’t mean kids have to sacrifice their backyard adventures.