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How to Winter

The best time to be outdoors? When others are going indoors.

Play in the Snow

Whether you’re looking to take up classic skiing or skate skiing, the U.S. gold medalist has some words of wisdom for beginners. Consider this your introductory primer to one of the season’s most fun and affordable sports.

Dial in your setup for cold-weather adventures with advice from polar explorers

These skier-friendly hotels come with amenities like boot-drying rooms, meet-and-greets with ski patrol dogs, and in-house gear shops.

The gear and knowledge you need to stay comfortable overnight in the snow

Explore America’s favorite winter wonderlands on these scenic routes, which range from beginner to expert terrain

If you don’t know how to ski, hire an instructor—not your significant other. It might just save your relationship.

These 11 beloved destinations make for ideal cold-weather trips, from soaking in hot springs at Big Bend to cross-country skiing at Rocky Mountain

You could order a premade kit. Or you could get crafty and build your own hot box.

A well-packed ski bag can mean the difference between an epic holiday and trashed gear. Here's how to do it right.

An Outside editor discovers it’s never too late to learn how to ski better

The beloved winter pastime has long been a massive polluter. Canadian startup Taiga Motors set out to transform the industry into something more environmentally friendly—and the big manufacturers are getting onboard.

Embrace the Cold

It’s not just a momentary mood booster, but a reminder of what we’re capable of

It's never too cold to ride outside. (Well, almost never.)

From Reykjavík to Minneapolis, winter isn’t just tolerated here, it’s celebrated

Go sledding, slow cook a hearty stew, sip on a rich cup of hot cocoa. Just because the days are shorter and colder doesn’t have to mean they’re any less fun.

Stay Warm

It feels like you're wearing a pile of sleeping puppies, and the puppies are all dreaming about lambs

The best gear for staying comfortable and climbing on North America’s tallest mountain

A hot beverage can make the difference between enjoying yourself and freezing your ass off on a cold-weather adventure. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about how to use this humble and inexpensive game changer this season.

Backpacking when the weather forecast is anything but optimal can be intimidating, but with some modifications to your kit, you can turn it into an enjoyable four-season activity

Don’t let a little weather keep you from the trails this winter.

Kick Back, Curl Up, and Eat Well

Keeping warm never tasted so good

Keep guests comfortable with this advice around the best food, drink, and gear for cold-weather grilling

From the perfect pot to the best cheese-sauce recipe, here’s how to throw the best après fondue party