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Every single best-of book list in the past 40 years


The best stories aren't just on paper anymore. Our (totally subjective) ranking assembles the millenium's 33 best new classics.

Occupy your off-season with the successes, failures, and bemusements of fellow adventurers. Plus: author picks and ten underappreciated books.


A primer on who to start reading and who you've been overlooking for too long.

Megan Michelson

Stock your physical and digital library with these must-read and must-see works that capture the fun, danger, and beauty of the cold.

Our biggest library of essentials, with classic tales of adventure, poetry, and how-to bibles

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Essentials for teens and kids


From dog-eared classics to under-the-radar picks, this is our list of 15 books that will awaken the adolescent Outsider.


A playlist that both parents and children can enjoy.

Memphis, Tennessee is one of the country's most entrepreneurial- and small business-friendly cities.

Books, far more than movies or television or video games, impose a very useful obligation on the reader: the joy of exercising your imagination. These are our top classic tales for formative years.

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In this excerpt from Annette McGivney's book 'Pure Land,' the author investigates the brutal killing of a Japanese tourist—and things get complicated.

Kate Harris Headshot

In an excerpt from Kate Harris's new memoir 'Lands of Lost Borders,' the modern-day explorer leaves academia for a bicycle adventure on the Silk Road.

In an excerpt from Kirk Wallace Johnson's new book 'The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century,' Edwin Rist, a 20-year-old champion flytier, pulls off a very strange burglary at the British Museum of Natural History.


In the wake of a bizarre physical attack and the death of her father, Katie Arnold felt paralyzed by the anxieties of parenthood and being a woman alone in the wilderness. She got through it the same way she’d always done, by lacing up and hitting the trail. An exclusive excerpt from her new memoir, Running Home.


At 18, determined to carve out a life as a "tough girl," Blair Braverman moved to Norway to learn dogsledding at an Arctic folk school, chasing fear and finding home in the great white North.

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Old and new classics


Presenting 25 of the best adventure, investigative, and nature documentaries ever. Plus: the best of a new generation of action films.

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From bull riding to catfish noodling, these stories prove that there's no right way to live a meaningful life outdoors

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Athletes and experts share their recommendations


The works that kept Alexi Pappas running, spurred Bill McKibben to fight for nature, and made Laird Hamilton… Laird Hamilton.


We asked our favorite athletes and explorers what books have stuck with them. Then we dug up some new picks that hit the same notes of adventure and awe.