Family skiing together

The Outside Guide to Skiing

Skiing 101: how to start, what to wear, and pitfalls to avoid

The Basics

Megan Michelson

Figuring out how to best equip and dress yourself when you’re just starting this sport can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help.


On snow as in life, it’s important not to look like a bozo, and for new skiers, handling long, clunky boards is the original challenge. Ignore the hecklers—there’s more than one way to do it right. 


An Outside editor discovers it’s never too late to learn how to ski better

Boot fitting is equal parts art and science, and a little magic


Or how to not freeze your butt off on the chairlift and avoid other ski-day maladies


Everything you need to know to ensure you don't ruin your skis, boots, and kit before next season

Pro Tips


It takes skill to have no idea what you're doing outdoors

Mark Aiken

Let your grom take the lead and you’ll both learn new tricks and become better skiers for it

After a long day on the slopes, these 7 moves (which can be done at the bar) will help you recover and stay injury-free


Focus on fit, insulation, and fancy extras (or lack thereof)


These should all get lots of use from November through May


The prescription goggles are the best solution for those who simply can't go without their specs on the slopes

Mental advice and skiing drills that will give you confidence on longer, steeper, and more challenging runs


How to stay fueled and warm on the slopes without looking like a total nerd

You're never too old—or too good—to brush up on your technique


10 exercises to make you strong, fast, and explosive on the hill

Extra Credit

New to using skins? Pro skiers Greg Hill and Leah Evans discuss basic uphill techniques.

Lily Krass

Learn how to read between the lines of your local avy report with these tips from a backcountry ski guide

Two Outside staffers head up for an early-morning ski on a powder day

John Clendenin, hailed as the greatest instructor in the U.S., has some unexpected advice for skiers: forget style, practice a four-word mantra, and get to know your feet

After three years of failing on the slopes, online editor Scott Rosenfield finally discovers the beauty—and pain—of downhill skiing.


Bryan Rogala walks us through his new favorite solution for storing his ski gear


Putting away your equipment correctly will allow it to last for years to come.