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Running and the Mind

It’s hard to overstate the role of the mind in optimal health and running performance. This Mental Health Awareness Month, here are some of our favorite articles on running and the brain, as well as expert advice on how you can master your mind to enhance training, boost recovery, and become a faster and happier runner.

Build Mental Strength


We're only human, and bad races here and there are inevitable. Here's a crash course in honing your mind to mentally power through a tough day.

The psychology behind why we get so nervous before a race and strategies for coping with the impending pain


Jenny Simpson's final race as a college runner was a fascinating example of how the mind can limit the body


Develop mental fitness and resilience by learning how to face reality like elite runners

Molly Hanson

Mindfulness meditation can enhance focus, boost racing performance, lower pain perception, and treat anxiety. Here’s what it is, and how to start.


Mental fatigue has become a hot topic for sports science researchers, but its effects remain controversial

Mental Health and Wellness

emma zimmerman headshot in front of a red background

NCAA track champion and Mount Marathon winner Allie Ostrander continues to be open about the long road of eating disorder recovery. Could her transparency change the sport?


Running and composing music require a similar problem-solving area of the brain, so it might not be a coincidence that there’s crossover

Sage Rountree

Author and yoga teacher Sage Rountree shares how yogic techniques of form, breath, and focus can help you maintain good form and presence of mind through your hardest hauls

Motivation Psychology

Molly Hanson

The neuroscience of running’s calming effects—and how to enhance them

Justin Cross

Racing can be a scary thing. Use these tips to make sure you're mentally prepared before the gun goes off in your next race.

Molly Hanson

What science says about setting meaningful, internally motivating, and satisfying goals that are exciting but not overwhelming

Identifying what primarily pushes you can help you learn strengths and weakness as a runner and racer.

Molly Hanson

Discover and foster goals that spark passion, excitement, and daily enjoyment through these science-backed mindfulness strategies.

The Injuries You Can't See

Jennifer Kuhns

How trail runner Keely Henninger found her way back to running after injury gave her a reality check.

How becoming less selfish in our running can help us reclaim our sense of self.

Jennifer Kuhns

As athletes, we tend to glorify discipline, but sometimes it’s necessary to move on to new activities and identities.

Jennifer Kuhns

For over 10 years, Daniels had been plagued by stress fractures along with Achilles and high hamstring injuries. Here's how and why he finally slowed down to build a healthier running foundation.