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Running for All

Starting Out


Don’t be confused by the diversity of running workouts. Learn the training zones they fit into, what type of fitness each zone builds, and how each feels.

9 keys for new runners to make your running more enjoyable, more effective, and more sustainable.

Follow our 12-week, effort-based plans to achieve your half-marathon goals and have a great race experience

Luke Humphrey

The long run is the status symbol of marathon training, but much of the existing advice on running long is misguided. Luke Humphrey breaks down just how far you should go.

Fara Rosenzweig

If you are a new runner, here is how to know you're running at the right pace.

Marathons aren't easy, but they aren't all equally difficult

So you want to start running? Make sure to get off on the right foot by avoiding these five common newbie errors.

Training Smart

Jay Johnson

Three things you should, and two things you should not emulate from your favorite professional runner’s social feed.


How well you can see your surroundings matters, but subtle gait changes also burn more energy

Tips and examples on how to optimally schedule your runs throughout the week


Running can give you a longer life, better sleep, improved immunity, mood, and more—it’s even good for your knees and lower back

Injury Prevention

Strengthen your foot core with these simple exercises to prevent injury from your feet to your hips.

Improve your running by integrating these strength, mobility and balance exercises into your daily routine—so you'll be sure to do them regularly.

A running doctor tells how to prevent, and treat, side stitches.

Chris Johnson

A physical therapist details what usually brings runners into his office and lays out strategies to keep you injury-free

In our final segment of this series, we spoke with three sports psychologists about how to prioritize mental health alongside physical health.

Jennifer Kuhns

For over 10 years, Daniels had been plagued by stress fractures along with Achilles and high hamstring injuries. Here's how and why he finally slowed down to build a healthier running foundation.

Ian McMahan

The effects of aging compile to cause calf injuries in male masters runners. Here’s why, and how to keep them strong and healthy.


Masters runner Pete feels your pain, and coach Magill gives sage advice on dealing with achilles injuries and treating recovered stress fractures.


Researchers at Stanford and UCLA are teaching college distance runners that when it comes to staying injury-free, what they eat matters