The Ultimate Guide to Your Next Adventure Vehicle

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Berne Broudy

Here are six of our favorite vehicles (and add-ons) to help you find freedom on the open road.

Michael Frank

Mini Cooper The Sell: Tauter and less thirsty than the Honda Fit—but also more expensive. Read more. Volvo V60 The Sell: The premium AWD sports wagon. Read more. The Sell: The premium AWD sports wagon. Read more. (Courtesy of Volvo Cars of North ) Subaru Outback…

Michael Frank

Volkswagen e-Golf The Sell: The “people’s” carmaker goes EV for a lot less money than BMW and Mercedes. Read more. Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive The Sell: BMW isn’t the only one with an electric hatchback. And this one’s roomier. Read more. The Sell: BMW isn’t the only…

Michael Frank

Honda HR-V The Sell: Thankfully for the adventure vehicle crowd, all our favorite features from the Honda Fit debuted in the crossover version of the Fit—the 2016 HR-V. Read more. Jeep Renegade The Sell: An entry-level off-roader that sips fuel. Read more. The Sell: An entry-level off-roader…

Michael Frank

Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon Crew Cab 4×4 The Sell: The pick-up for the SUV and crossover set. Read more. Ford Transit Connect LWB The Sell: A European-built Ford Minivan gets imported stateside. Read more. The Sell: A European-built Ford Minivan gets imported stateside. Read more.


Freedom on the open roads: What more can you ask for? Here are 10 pieces of gear to prep your adventure-ready rig for whatever you decide to throw at it.

Front Runner Slimline II Made from high-strength aluminum, the low-profile Slimline II has all the rigidity of steel without the weight. And it’s been tested in Africa as an expedition-grade roof rack for safari and overland vehicles. Read more. Eezi-Awn For Eezi-Awn’s customers—a group that consists of safari guides,…


Andrew Muse

Athlete and photographer Andrew Muse, 26, spent his lifesavings remodeling a 1976 Dynacruiser camper and outfitting it on a 2008 Nissan.


"I bought my first VW Westfalia Vanagon camper back in 1999, and have since owned five of them. I finally settled on a gorgeous 1991 model—lucked into via Craigslist for $9,000 a few years ago."

Alex Honnold

Welcome to Alex Honnold's van. The American rock climber may be best known for his free solo ascents of killer walls, but we think his badass mobile home also deserves some attention.

Sprinter 4×4 Here at Outside, we’re romantics when it comes to Syncros and Vanagons—possibly to the point of being delusional. Because to shell out $79,000 (one of many similar listings on Craigslist) for a 24-year-old Volkswagen with more than a quarter-million miles on it is, well, insanity.


Behold: The #OutsideMobile Instagram contest winners

Mercedes Marco Polo Camper Van Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with decorated mobile home crafter Westfalia to convert its Viano van into the Marco Polo camper, the plushest home on four wheels. Read more. KiraVan To honor the dreams of his young daughter, Kira, Bran Ferran created the biggest, most…

Tao Ruspoli

Few vehicles embody the idea that we can be both adventurous, heading into unknown territory, and feel completely at home, wherever we go, more than the Vixen 21. Only 587 of the motorhomes were ever built, and we're given you an inside look into one of them.


Berne Broudy

We can't all afford vanlife. But we can rent it.

Tiny Homes

Rhino Cubed Tiny Homes The latest entry into the tiny house movement repurposes steel shipping containers into energy-efficient cubes. Read more. Saunalautta A group of friends got together to create the Saunalautta, a houseboat with bunk space for five and sauna space for up to 15 (depending on how…

Denise Hopkins

Whether you’re pimping out a camper or downsizing into a tiny home (maybe even with wheels!), efficient design matters. The main considerations when decorating a small space are simple: look for multi-purpose furniture; buy the best quality gear you can afford (it’ll last much longer); and banish clutter. Once you’ve nailed those basics, follow these seven tips to live large in your small home.

Jeff Foss

When filmmakers Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller set out to build a tiny house for the 2013 documentary Tiny: A Story About Living Small, they had no idea what they were doing.