Here are some of the best stretches of freshwater the country has to offer. Bring your suit.

Your 50-State Bucket List

The best trails, surf breaks, restaurants, and dive bars our country has to offer

The Northeast

Logan Watts

This past fall, local Vermonter Joe Cruz and I designed and scouted a bikepacking loop weaving together a selection of dirt roads, flowy New England singletrack, and rugged historic woodland paths to create a majority off-tarmac circuit of some of the world’s best and most coveted craft beers. The result is the Green Mountain Gravel Growler—a 248-mile loop that links 13 breweries.

Bring This

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The Southeast


Have a perfect summer day in this beautiful North Carolina mountain town

With most of the area’s adventure offerings within an hour’s drive from the city, it's easy to fit in some outdoor fun in between your requisite eating and drinking


How a couple of heirs to an American retail dynasty are putting Bentonville, Arkansas, on the fat-tire map

For his latest timelapse project, filmmaker Mike Zorger wanted to find a spot East Coast with Western-like light pollution, despite major metropolitan areas and condensed population

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Tried-and-true adventures big and small, from sea to shining sea

It's taken half a decade to iron out the logistics, and while White Sands National Monument has as good a chance as ever at becoming a park, it's not guaranteed.

Brent Crane

Seven lovely destinations, from Florida to Arizona

Everyone deserves to explore our country's most scenic destinations


Our readers submitted their favorite moments from cross-country adventures

The Midwest

Famously cold and frighteningly massive, Lake Superior contains 10 percent of the world's surface freshwater, holds the remains of 6,000 shipwrecks, and offers a lifetime of adventure. Stephanie Pearson sets out to circumnavigate America's most overlooked playground.

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The Southwest


We know a thing or two about the Southwest—our offices are located in Santa Fe, after all. So trust us when we say that these radar-ducking adventures are full of hidden rivers and otherworldly canyons. Just don’t pass it on.


Stuff to do and definitely not do

After a spate of wildlife selfies and general landscape destruction, we put together our own set of guidelines for those lacking all human decency

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The West

This video City of Angels, City of Trails highlights three riding areas in Los Angeles including Simi Valley, Altadena, Chilao Region.


Deaths, injuries, and helicopter rescues are a regular occurrence on Longs Peak, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to climb it


The perfect summer day in this California beach town


The pro athletes, parents, and founders of Picky Bars know where to find the best food and drinks in their town